The graduates of Afyon Kocatepe University (AKU) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for the 2021-2022 academic year took the oath and threw their caps at the ceremonies.

To the swearing-in ceremony held at Atatürk Congress Center; Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Musa Korkmaz, Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Zeki Gürler, Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Veterinarians Chairman of the Board Muhammed Nevzat Algan, along with faculty members, graduate students and their families.

Oath ceremony; The 2021-2022 academic year started with the opening speech of Hatice Sayan, the first of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Sayan, who stated that he had new dreams and memories throughout his education life at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, said, “In these days when we stepped into veterinary medicine, we are justifiably happy that we will practice our dream profession, but we are also experiencing the sweet bitterness of graduating. After a long adventure of 5 years, we say goodbye to our faculty as a veterinarian who is aware of the scientific and ethical values ​​of the profession and conscientious convictions. We look forward to performing our profession with dignity, which has become more important in terms of both public and animal health, especially in recent years, and extending a helping hand to our silent friends.”

“Veterinary medicine is not an ordinary profession”

Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Veterinarians Chairman Muhammed Nevzat Algan stated that veterinary medicine education has been continuing academically for nearly 2 centuries in Turkey. Algan said, “Our sacred profession will rise on your shoulders. I graduated from this beautiful faculty from which you graduated. Veterinary medicine education has been continuing academically for about 2 centuries in our country. While many professions did not have an academic education yet, the veterinary profession was graduating our colleagues with academic education. As members of a highly respected and competent profession, we rendered various services to our country. Our teachers told us that there are 3 physicians in the world; One of them is veterinary medicine,” he said. The profession we have is not among the occupational groups that can be considered as an ordinary profession. This profession is a sacred duty. I will see this duty as a sacred duty and I will perform it in this way.”

“We bid farewell to our 100 students to the future”

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. In his speech, Musa Korkmaz gave information about the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the studies carried out. Stating that AKU Veterinary Faculty is one of the well-established veterinary faculties established in 1995, Korkmaz said, “AKU Veterinary Faculty is one of the most popular veterinary faculties of the region, with its strong academic staff, equipped animal hospital, farm and laboratories, and the high livestock potential of Afyonkarahisar.” Korkmaz, who gave information about the work done after he took office in 2019, said:

“After taking office as the administration in 2019, we attached great importance to physical infrastructure studies in our faculty in order to improve education and research opportunities. The biggest of these is our new Animal Hospital project. However, in our existing animal hospital, we have brought many devices that I cannot count, such as tomography, high-level ultrasound, endoscopy, biochemistry devices, to our existing hospital. In addition to the hospital project, we added the Anatolian Buffalo Shelter and the Sheep Shelter project to our farm in order to protect the future of the Anatolian Buffalo and strengthen the educational opportunities of our students. We have completed the feed warehouses by increasing the presence of sheep in our farm. Since its establishment, our faculty has graduated 1,191 graduates. Our graduates practice veterinary medicine in many areas in various parts of the country, both in the public and private sectors. This year, we will bid farewell to approximately 100 of our students as veterinarians. We are justifiably proud of this. Dear Parents, One of the biggest wishes of every parent is that their child has a good job. For this purpose, you have raised your children with care, by trembling on them at every moment, always wishing for the best, by spending great effort. Finally, you entrusted it to our university and us. We have also done our best to train veterinarians who are qualified, competent, equipped, and who have gained sufficient knowledge and skills academically and scientifically. In a very short time, we will send your children off from here as equipped and qualified veterinarians. Now you can be proud of your children. On behalf of all our graduates, I would like to thank you and congratulate you wholeheartedly. Dear Graduates, You have successfully completed a challenging education process that lasted for five years. As veterinarians who have responsibilities towards yourself, your family, animals and especially humanity, you will take on important duties in terms of both public health and animal health, and I sincerely believe that you will be successful in this process. Your university education is over here, but your medical education will continue for life. Therefore, my advice to you is to continue researching, reading and learning while practicing your profession. Never break ties with your teachers. Do not leave academic and scientific knowledge while doing your job. Again, be patient, tolerant and compassionate throughout your professional life. Never forget that you are a professional group that you must act with a love of animals.”

After the opening speeches, the ceremony; It ended with the presentation of the graduates and the reading of the veterinary oath.

07 June 2022, Tuesday 487 kez görüntülendi